BOB – WORLD WINNER 2017 Il Trovatore Della Val dโ€™Aveto

Today we have written together another chapter of our fantastic story together that started the night you were born when Iโ€™ve held you in my warm hands for the first time. Since then you never let me downs, you helped me to grow, I gave my heart to show and today another greatest rewards. Oliver achieves his second breed record as he is the 1st ITALIAN BRED AND OWNED golden retriever EVER to be award UK SHOW CHAMPION and BOB at the WORLD DOG SHOW.

YOU & I since the beginning forever and ever ….

Thanks to the judge Mr. Leif-Hermann Wilberg for appreciating him so much.
More than million thanks go to Oliverโ€™s co-owners Salvatore Carboni and Maria Luisa Lavezzoli for love him to the moon and back and take the best care of him.