Judge Mrs. Hilary Lambshead

  • “Enzo” It.Ch. Xanthos Ferrari JW: 1st in special working class and CC
  • Oliver, Elliott, Rose and Belle: shortlisted.

*** CRUFTS 2016 ***
Yes 2016 it is my dreams year…. Yesterday at Crufts another one of my biggest dreams comes true !!!!
I’ve had the honor to come in the ring again with a very special dog with whom I’ve share such a great time during 2015 “Enzo” It.Ch. Xanthos Ferrari JW, it was so exited when we star to fly together again on the Green Carpet. Enzo was placed 1st in special working class and later it was so unbelievable when the judge comes in front of us giving the CC, no words for explain my feeling in that moment.
Million thanks to judge Mrs. Hilary Lambshead for thought so hight of him.
A special thanks goes to a very special person for me Heather Morss for her always so big trust in me and to you Valentina you were at the beginning of this fantastic friendship I’ll never forget it !!! Thanks to all of you for your nice words and messages and last but not least THANKS to you Enzo for share with me another great time.
Of course not forgot my dogs that doing so well all shortlisted in their huge class Oliver, Elliott, Rose and Belle.